Taemin having solo before Jonghyun? Disgrace.

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There are scenes in “Bride of the Century” where Hong Ki looks exactly like Kang In from Super Junior

Sistar’s Touch My Body was kind of disappointing and I usually love their songs but I thought Girl’s Day’s Darling was a bit better

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I will never understand why idols need fans permission to date

I ship Jackson with Bambam so much yet it seems like Jackson himself ships them twice as much haha

i cannot wait for Bigbang comeback, i hope it will be flawless!

A lot of people criticised exo for easily forgetting Kris but ignore their Happy Camp scene calling it scripted, but ignore how kris has moved on and is singing and making movies as if he was never part of exo.

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I have met nice Blackjacks, I have met immature Blackjacks. I have met nice Sones, I have met mean Sones. I have met nice VIPs, I have met annoying VIPs. I have met nice Exo stans, I have met bad Exo stans. I still love these groups. But if you judge a group based on their fandoms, you are missing out.

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I love how Woolim support Infinite to develop their career not only in group but also individually. Starting from Sunggyu’s solo album, Sungyeol’s drama, Infinite H, L’s photobook. Curious what they are going to do next.

Eunhae got an album (and concert tours) and so does Henry. Taemin from shinee will have his own album too.. i just hope SM will give KRY an album (after Yesung is discharged) These boys deserve to. They really do.

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