Don’t you dare to say “They don’t deserve it to be THAT famous, they aren’t that great” Yes maybe YOU think that they aren’t that great. BUT THEY FREAKING DESERVE IT. Every member worked hard to DEBUTE they are now even working harder, being a trainee was already hard enough. THEY DESERVED IT. Every group deserve it, because they worked hard for it. Even when they are from the big 3,it doesn’t change the fact that they worked hard to be already in the group. Don’t say that they don’t deserve it.

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Among the rookies of 2014, my favourite ones are MAMAMOO, Berry Good, GOT7 and JJCC. I wish them success. 

I hate when people use the excuse “it’s k-pop” for bad music. I’m sorry to tell you but that’s not an excuse, kpop is still music and it shouldn’t be taken as a joke.

It’s sad that K-pop nowadays has turned into soft porn. It’s too overly sexual, it makes me wanna turn my insides out. 

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The KPOP industry looks so hard, almost every idol looks so tired and sad. 

I love Z:Hera’s voice, plus she’s so beautiful with her blue hair 

BTS is really close and they are one of the few groups out there where I feel their friendship off camera is sincere. They seem to play and joke around a lot with each other like real brothers. I just sometimes feel like they make fun of Jimin too much. I know it’s all for fun and games and they don’t mean any harm, and I’m sure Jimin knows this as well, but at times I feel Jimin really takes those words to heart, and he just covers it by laughing with them. 

I love 2ne1 so much, but for some reason I just can’t stand Minzy.

IU + AKMU = Perfection.

I was severely disappointed with TTS’s comeback. The song and dance were boring and I would have rather wanted a new subunit from SNSD. 

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