I don’t understand how EXO hasn’t been sued for Lipsyncing.(yes, singers can get in huge trouble for lipsyncing) A few times? Okay. Music Shows are just music shows. They”re not exactly real or fair. But their own concert? And other appearences? They’re a singing idol group. Singing comes before anything else. At this rate, they’ll be nothing more than dance group And I do feel sad for members like Chen, D.O, Baekhyun and others who clearly DO have the vocal talent, but don’t get to showcase it

Girls’ Generation saved me.

Hyuna said she will show another part of her that no one knows in her new concept, and I really hope CUBE give her a song that she can sing live and don’t f*ck it up this time.

Can more people please start appreciate how much of an artist Park Ji Yoon is? She’s amazing and her music always lights up my mood. Her latest “YooHoo” is absolutely perfect for summer vacation! 

Eunji is a great actress, but if the creaters of Trot Lovers planned on bringing Trot music back, they’ve failed. The drama isn’t getting good ratings, and for a drama or movie to bring anything back, then it needs to be popular. Like when Architecure 101 brought the 90’s back in 2012, it was huge hit with the public first. And Trot Lovers doesn’t seem like it’ll make anything popular.

I ship Rap Monster and Jimin of BTS, oddly enough.

2NE1’s music isn’t as unique as many people claim it do be. The majority of their songs are LOVE songs; just like every other group’s! I’m not saying this is bad, of course, just wanted to point this out for everyone out there.

Girls Day’s songs are not bad. In fact, their songs are mostly catchy and fun. But i just don’t like nowadays they are revealing their skin too much.

I’m a girl and I’d rather watch girl groups do sexy concepts than boy groups. I wish fans would stop bashing them for that and actually appreciate them and support them more.

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I really respect the groups that come from the small company last time such as Beast, Infinite, and Block B and now they are among the famous groups. Of course every group work hard, but they are the ones that earn my respect since they bring up their company’s name too.

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