Everyone should stop commenting on idol friendships. If I see one more “I feel bad ‘cause A and B aren’t close/hate each other/whatever”, I will lose it. How would you feel if you were forced to act close with someone you didn’t like by millions of people? It’s their life, not yours. Their call.

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I really love Super Junior. I’ll be ELF forever!

Why is Yesung consider the main vocalist when Kyuhyun & Ryeowook are way more stable live? Just wondering.

If I say that my bias us a visual it doesn’t mean I like them fir their looks. I don’t L or Taemin because of their personalities (only my opinion, don’t bash me) so if I say I love Naeun, it isn’t because of her looks. OK?

"Black Box" by Brown Eyed Girls was one of the best albums of 2013. But still, it has sold so little. Well done KPOP fans. Go and buy only your young and handsome oppas’ and beautiful unnies’ albums.

Taecyeon’s rapping will probably be the death of me, somebody please break his microphone or something.

Nine Muses is my favourite KPOP group. It’s unbelievable they haven’t won any awards up to now.

It feels horrible to see my friends from my fandom leave one by one to exo as they are the “popular ones”.

I love BTOB. They’re just so talented. They have amazing voices and their rap is good. BTOB FIGHTING!

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