I could have been an Exo-L cause I already know some of the members and I liked their songs but then Kris left and I thought I can’t have the same heartache I felt with TVXQ split. I hate SM.

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I think MBLAQ’s Hello Baby is the best season of Hello Baby. Not only were they hilarious but you could also tell they actually cared about the children. The 3 babies have reunited with MBLAQ twice already, even going to one of their concerts AND their fanmeeting. I think they should have a season 2! MBLAQ are too hilarious to NOT give them a variety show! ^^

I can’t believe ARMYs are getting so pressed about BTS not winning anything on music shows. Like, basically, they are still rookies. Some groups had to wait for 3 years or more just to be recognized. Stop whining and just support your boys

At first It saddened me that YG is gonna have another survival show for his trainees but then after knowing that B.I, Jinhwan and Bobby will be permanent members, I think it’s just fair. Those three were the original team b members so I think it will be okay if the remaining spots will be filled through battle.

I think MBLAQ’s “Oh Yeah” is probably the SMARTEST debut song I’ve ever heard. Not only is it super catchy because that’s pretty much all they say in the song lol but it gets the audience singing with them beause it’s simple. Some ppl say it’s a stupid song but I think it’s brilliant!

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Zico losing to Tao in Soompi’s Rap Battle is a disgrace

I think WINNER is pleasant and people say they gain a lot of fame from YG, but they became famous through win, not debuting.

AOA deserves to be bigger than Girl’s Day.

Davichi, especially Lee Haeri, saved my bad days lots of time with their ballad songs. I feel really grateful to ever found a really talented duo group like them in my life.

I don’t really find F(x) underrated. I mean, I saw a few Youtube videos of Kpop girl group rankings and F(x) was usually in the top ten or five. Yes, they might not get a lot of attention from their company, but they are definitely NOT underrated. 

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