SISTAR & APINK are the only groups that aren’t afriad to show off their real personality.

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Okay. Out of the 3.4 billion from the kpop industry last year, 1 billion went to SM. Okay.

I don’t get why male idols are so heavily made up. I mean, look at Rap Monster’s pre debut photos.

I just want a kpop idol to come out of the closet. There has to be someone who’s gay, lesbian, or bisexual seriously. It’ll be so refreshing if someone would admit to it. 

Tablo is legit so talented! “They say that times flies, but you keep breaking it wings” is my fav in eyes nose n lips. can’t wait for epik high comeback! Hope he and Haru stays on return of superman… If they leave I’m so done… Maybe the twins and triplets lol but srs though Haru is such a beautiful and loving girl :) Tablo and Haru fighting!

I’m so used to kpop idols hair being anything other than black that it looks abnormal when the dye it back to their natural hair colour. 

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Tbh, i think SM Ent. regrets letting go of Kris. That’s why they can’t admit to his official departure since they know fans will be angry. Although, 95% of us know he’s not returning. 

I knew about k-pop for a long time, but it was only when EXO made their comeback with Overdose that I fell in love with it and these amazing boys. They had their comeback when I was really sad and their music basically saved me. In something like a month, I watched all their interviews and variety shows and grew to love each member, even Kris. It’s sad that I wasn’t there when they still were 12, but I’m going to love them even more now that they are 11, because they deserve it and need it.

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With all the hype that there is around them, WINNER really disappointed me. I was expecting something really big from them, of course not something hip-hop that someone would expect from BIGBANG or Team B, but I can’t even listen to their debut songs, they bore me so much and their live stages don’t make it any better, which is a shame because I really like Taehyun’s voice and I also love ballads. I’m sorry but when I look at them I can’t sing singers, I only see some idols-models wannabe.

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