Blackjacks be like “oooh CL is the best female idol rapper!!1! no one can beat her when it comes to rapping!!” but when really she’s not even in the top 10 for best female idol rappers

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you have no idea how much i loved seeing Fei on running man, and being more confident on other shows, she’s finally getting her chance to shine.

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Kiss Kiss helped me see how perfect EunB is.

When I made this post, I would never in a million years have guessed that I was making it during her final days. I never knew much about Ladies’ Code, and this was the first I’d heard of Eunbi. Now, a few days later, we’ve all received the tragic news of her passing. It’s such a shock to all of us, and I think this confession will haunt me for a long time. It hurts so much to think that someone so young and lovely, with so much potential, is suddenly no longer with us. I don’t want to ramble, so let me end this by asking you all to please keep Eunbi, the other Ladies’ Code members, the driver of the car, and all of their friends and family in your thoughts. Please remember Go Eunbi.

Much love,


TBH Bangtan’s comeback is really disappointing. They started from songs about dreams and meaningful stuff but then they ended up singing about obsessive/stalker-ish love right now.


I know that this blog should only post confessions/opinions but I have to say this. The news just reached me that the Ladies’ Code member EunBGo Eun Bi, born 1992 - passed away in a car accident. Apparently another driver also passed away, the other passengers were injured and rushed to a hospital (read more here). But EunB is different, at least for me, she was my wonderful bubble of joy who could make me smile just by looking up, just by gracefully walk or throw one of her heart-stopping smiles. I’m heart broken right now and I can’t understand it. One of my favorite idols have left this world and I can’t describe what I’m feeling. Our beloved EunB has left us, but she will at least live in our hearts.
Go Eun Bi, we love you.

From allkpop -
Sojung and RiSe, are currently in critical condition while the remaining two members and two stylists have sustained minor injuries. Let’s all hold our thumbs for their survival.

The admins on unpopularkpop-opinions give our deepest condolences to EunB’s family and friends - and the rest of the friends and families of the involved in the accident.
Love, main admin, simplywookie.

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Kpop fans are ridiculous to demand more songs to have “Meaningful and Inspirational lyrics” like seriously, sit down. This is POP music, that just happens to be in Korean. Pop songs have always had meaningless lyrics that talk about puppy love and crushes. You don’t go to American music and demand the song writers to write more mature lyrics. So why are you doing it to Koreans? If you actually spoke Korean you would know that these lyrics are no better than what Call Me Maybe was talking about.

I’m so disappointed and embarrassed with Blackjacks. It shocks me that so many of you threatened, not just an underage girl, but a human being and told her to kill herself. And it’s not just “a bad bunch” that did it, it’s THOUSANDS of you! You should be ashamed of yourselves.

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It’s not EXO’s or Winner’s fault that they came from SM and YG. So hating on them because “they’re popular because of their agencies” is SO fricking wrong. Sit down and do some re-thinking.

I’m very proud of B.I and his run on SMTM. He made many mistakes in the beginning, but his last stage was incredible. Was it the best performance of the night? Maybe. But what was incredible was how in the performance, he not only proved himself to others, but to himself as well.

Hey K-pop, talking a little faster than normal, in a funny voice, with autotune and a backtrack is not rapping.

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